Lisa Kaufman

A Leading Customer Experience Expert & Visionary.

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Lisa understands the value of an efficient CX strategy.

By driving adoption of CX programs, Lisa has been able to help businesses improve key metrics.
25-95% revenue increase

Increasing customer retention by 5% has been shown to increase company revenue by 25-95%.

Executive education

Without executive support, 60% of CX initiatives stall. Lisa understands how to gain executive support to blaze ahead.

Teamwork facilitation

Leading teams to connect internal departments and develop a successful approach to enterprise VoC programs.

Notable Clients

Lisa's designed CX programs for many notable clients.

  • Built CX and VoC programs for Apple
  • Managed enterprise software for Starbucks
  • Designed holistic CX program for Microsoft
  • Built CX and VoC programs for Dell


Increase in revenue with the implementation of successful VoC programs

$1.6 trillion

Lost by US companies each year due to poor customer experience


Of customers with great experiences are likely to repurchase from a brand
A skills overview

Essential CX Expertise.

Team Builder
Connects teams to support collaboration and successful CX strategies and develop customer feedback best practices.
C-Level Educator
Educates executives on CX best practices to support long-term goals and increasing KPIs.
Dynamic Workshop Presenter
Presented CPXA webinar on experience during times of crisis, the results of a employee benchmark study.
Metric Analysis
Identifies key metrics and behaviors that align with company goals. NPS, CSAT, Effort, and OSAT expertise.
Diverse CX Knowledge
Comprehensive knowledge of VoC strategies for financial, banking, retail, and technologies companies.
Customer Service Expertise
Develops strategic call center and customer service plans to improve the customer's journey.

Listen to what Lisa's colleagues have to say.

Lisa leaves a lasting impression at each organization she works with. Her colleagues are constantly leaving her with glowing reviews.
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Desiree Jenkinson
Lisa brings her unique, personality-infused grit every day to elevate relationships, and make the impossible seem possible.
Matthew Strauchon
I have worked with and Lisa on two separate occasions. Each time we engaged in a project, I was reminded of why I enjoyed working with Lisa. Lisa constantly strives to better herself and the teams she works with.
Elizabeth Cadol
Lisa is one of the most driven, motivated, hard-working, and inspiring people I've known and worked with. Her passion for enrolling her team and the people around her to do their best is second to none.
Katie Nelson
Lisa is responsive, timely, and diligent about supporting her clients. Lisa is always available and willing to go the extra mile; she took my calls while on vacation and returned emails all hours of the day and night.