Feb 23, 2021

Employee Experience: Onboarding Remote Employees Best Practices (Covid and Beyond)



In this new world of a mostly remote workforce and Covid, leaders should take more time for casual and getting to know your new team members on each call. Trust can be compromised by not meeting in person if you don't take the time to really get to know your team members. People could be going through serious hardships with family sickness, death and other challenges so being sensitive and asking people "how are you and your family doing during these times" is important! Because you don't work in an office together, you will have to schedule more meetings and ask "pointed questions" to understand what's important to this new employee and what creates a positive employee experience for them. Without in person office visits you will not learn what's important to this person and what they are trying to balance in this new world without digging deeper. 


The ice-breaker questions below are ideas to start each meeting with to spend more time and getting to know each other's working style, build trust and best practices in working together. Think about this all and you will find an approach that feels natural for you and your new team members. 


ICE Breakers:

I am most productive when _______. 

I am most successful when _______. 

In this virtual hiring, onboarding and working environment, I feel I need _______ to succeed. 

I prefer to connect with my leader in these ways _______. 

My ideas for how to develop a cohesive team include _______. 

I’d like to get to know my team and members of other teams by _______. 

I feel appreciated when ______. 

I feel devalued when ______. 

These approaches at work drive me crazy _______. 

I like to work in these ways______. 

I feel supported when ______. 

I would describe my style of working as ______. 

I appreciate it when others ______. 

I like to work on my own ______% of the time. 

I want to work with people and teams ______% of the time. 

In this role I would like to ______.