Feb 23, 2021

CX Network Webinar Q/A

1. How would you define VoC? Exceptional Experiences are a known differentiator for most consumers so businesses have invested in building Voice of The Customer Programs.  Voice of The Customer is a holistic program to ensure your customers’ experiences align with your Brand Promises and support your business goals. VoC Programs are a way to measure a holistic view of your customers' experiences across all touchpoints on the journey with your brand so executives can make business decisions based on statistically valid data based on your customers’ perception to improve your customer and employee experiences and impact business outcomes on growth and retention. Most company's focus on the technology to measure and capture the customers’ experiences which is one piece of the puzzle and why only 10% of companies impact financial goals. A VoC program that impacts financial outcomes encompasses the 5 components below:

  1. VoC Program Governance Design
  2. Executive Alignment Strategy from All Business Units
  3. Communication Strategy/Culture/Employee Experience
  4. Closed Loop Program as Part of The VoC Technology
  5. Change Management Framework and Governance

2. What would you say VoCs biggest challenges are today? Only 10% of VoC Programs hit the business outcomes that the program was intended for. 

  1. VoC Success starts at the top where the CEO, COO, CMO, CIO decide to make business decisions based on customer feedback vs executive perception. This is a philosophical shift for many executives. Executive alignment is key and that's why 90% of VoC programs don't impact business goals.  Most executives don't understand this unique discipline but they know they want it so there is a learning curve and education piece that needs to take place so that it is integrated from the top down through communication, change management, culture and coaching across the enterprise and in the 10K. 
  2. Employee experience is just as important as customer experience and they directly impact each other yet most executives start with Customer Experience when your employees are the ones that need to deliver these differentiated experiences. Empower your front lines to share what challenges and solutions they see. 
  3. Once executives are aligned on making decisions based on Customer and Employee feedback,  having a governance structure on change management is where the program becomes actionable. Otherwise, the data collected isn't actionable and your program will not impact business outcomes. This is where most programs fall down. 
  4. Collecting feedback via a survey platform is just one piece of a holistic program. Executive alignment, communication, culture, brand and metric alignment, coaching and training on the language that brings the brand experience to life are all key components to a holistic VoC Program. 
  5. Survey feedback is a small piece of the puzzle especially when the response rate is typically 5-10%, so it's not a holistic data set across the customer journey. Unsolicited data sets that live in the Contact Center and beyond give you a holistic picture into the customer journey. 
  6. VoC Executive alignment and governance across all touchpoints so there is one enterprise VoC program vs many programs in silo's that creates disconnected listening, over surveying and mis-aligned program methodology. 


3. How do we measure VoC? Voice of the customer should be measured across all touchpoints on the journey. The measurement metrics should align with the company's brand promises so metrics vary depending on the company, brand promises, company goals etc. There are many ways and different technology platforms to measure the experience whether it's feedback technology, text analytics to measure the unstructured and unsolicited data sets like chat logs, social media, e-mails and speech analytics to analyze the call logs in the call center.  Once all the data is collected understanding the themes and getting to the "why" behind the score is key in understanding what's working and not working on the journey. Also understanding which touchpoints are your brand's loyalty drivers that will impact growth, retention and recommendations is also key in knowing where change management is most important in impacting business outcomes. 


4. What is your secret to VoC success? A methodology and governance framework to make your program actionable is what supports the technology. Executive alignment and teamwork are key in a successful program to impact culture, communication, change management and employee experience. I am a C-Level visionary and challenger who can build a VoC Program Framework from the top down to ensure program success and call out any and all gaps. 


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